Design Ideas for Stikwood, the DIY Peel-and-Stick Wood Planks

Stikwood is an easy to install peel-and-stick wood plank that adds rustic charm to any room. | Diary of a DIYer

Q: What do you get when you mix planks of reclaimed wood with some seriously heavy duty adhesive?

A: A stylishly rustic product called Stikwood.

It’s a beloved product among home décor DIYers—and for good reason. Keep reading to learn more about Stikwood and all the home projects you can use it for.

What is Stikwood?

Stikwood is an aptly-named brand of peel-and-stick adhesive wood planks. The company behind it has been around since 2012 and the product is still as popular as ever—especially with the surge in rustic décor themes.

It’s made in the USA out of reclaimed or sustainable wood. Yep, it’s real wood – not vinyl or laminate. Stikwood currently stocks 22 styles on their site, all with different wood types and colors.

What It’s Not

Stikwood isn’t meant to be a temporary addition to your home. If you want to install it, you better make darn sure it’s the right choice. Indecisive folks need not install.

The company also advises against installing it the bathroom or as a kitchen countertop. Water, moisture and wood? Not the best combo.

And while the initial price of Stikwood can be enough to deter some people away, the convenience factor can win them over. Instead of finding reclaimed wood and measuring, cutting and installing it yourself (or hiring a professional to do it), you can just peel back the paper of the adhesive strips and stick it to the surface. That’s about it!

DIY Installation

Stikwood is 3/16” or ⅛” thick (depending on the type of wood you choose), so it doesn’t leave a thick profile behind. Since it’s so thin, you can easily cut it for an exact fit. The company suggests using a miter saw for best results.

If you’re worried about it not sticking, you can purchase a special roller to really adhere the planks to your installation surface.

For the visual learners out there: the company posted a short video to give you some insight to the simple installation process.

Where to Use Stikwood

In the Kitchen

Use Stikwood along the sides of your island to create a focal point in your kitchen.

If you’re thinking of installing a new backsplash, consider using Stikwood. Avoid the hassle of installing a tile backsplash and take a day to add rustic charm to your kitchen.

In the Bedroom

Stikwood makes bedroom furniture stick out from the ordinary and is an easy way to add style to basic pieces from stores like Ikea.You can stick planks to your dresser, headboard or side table.

Ashley from Sugar and Cloth created her own Ikea hack by transforming a basic headboard into a bold piece of furniture with Stikwood.

In the Living Room

Whether you install Stikwood on your ceiling or in a nook, it’s sure to make a statement as an accent wall. The natural beauty of the wood will give your room a cozy feel, perfect for relaxing (especially in the colder months!).


Installing Stikwood is the perfect project for any DIYer looking for a cozy and rustic addition to their home. It’s a truly versatile product with applications that work in just about every room in your home. Not to mention installation as easy as plan, peel and stick.

What do you think? Would you install Stikwood in your home? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or reach out on Facebook or Twitter