Curb Appeal 101: Adding Value to Your Home

Curb Appeal 101: Adding Value to Your Home

We all know how much first impressions matter when we meet new people, but have you ever thought about the impression your house gives to your guests? From the front lawn to your front door, you’ll want to leave a lasting impression on anyone that visits.

There are easy ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, many of which you already do or can do yourself. If your home has any glaring issues (like a leaky roof or a cracked driveway), you might want to call in a professional to check it out. But if you need simple solutions, keep reading and see what you can do to improve your curb appeal.

Maintain Your Lawn

A well-maintained lawn takes a lot more work than you’d expect, but it’s one of the easiest ways to add to your home’s curb appeal. Try to dedicate at least one day a week to the upkeep of your lawn.


Depending on your location and climate, you’ll want to make sure you’re mowing the lawn at the right height. If the grass is cut too short, you’re giving diseases and weeds the green light to spread and grow. To save money on fertilizing costs, leave grass clippings on your lawn to naturally provide nutrients. This process is called grasscycling and it will help you grow a dense, healthy lawn.


After mowing, you’ll want to water your lawn to keep it healthy and green. Watering your lawn is more than just wetting down the grass—make sure the water saturates at least four inches of the soil to provide nourishment to the roots. Install an in-ground irrigation system with a timer so you aren’t wasting any water.

Create a Lush Landscape

The thought of DIY landscaping can be intimidating. You don’t have to do everything yourself though. Consider calling in a professional to get inspiration and tips for landscaping then use your conversation as a springboard into DIYing the rest of the project.


One rule of thumb is to hardscape first—meaning build out any walkways, fences, and other standing structures first, then work your way around them. It’s also a great time to install the proper drainage systems you might need to prevent water from ruining your home’s foundation.

Think about replacing the original concrete walkway with pavers. This DIY project can be finished over a long weekend and will add visual interest to your front yard. Make the path to your front door safer by using path lighting. There are many solar powered lighting options to choose from for energy efficiency.


After everything is structurally sound, the next step is thinking about the types of flowers, shrubs, and trees you’ll want to plant to boost your curb appeal. Working with a landscape professional will be helpful for the design aspect. Take a trip to your local nursery and chat with the workers there, too. You’ll be able to get a well-rounded idea of the many types of plants available and you’ll be able to see them in person.

A great example of both hard and softscaping is putting up a new mailbox. Consider one other than the typical plastic or wood post—stone or brick would definitely add some value. Once everything is all set up, plant a small garden around it to add some greenery.


Beautify Your Outdoor Entryway

Now that the front yard is taken care of, it’s time to show your entryway some love. Your porch is the final impression your guests have as they enter your home, so you’ll want to make it as welcoming as possible. Some quick updates include painting your front door an accent color, installing new lighting, updating old hardware and house numbers, and adding potted plants.


The benefits of having an attractive home—both inside and out—will ultimately add to its value if you choose to sell it down the line. Sometimes you’ll have to put in a decent amount of money to see a good return, but there are some DIY projects that’ll make your house the best looking one on the block. Even if you aren’t looking to sell anytime soon, a home with excellent curb appeal is just a nicer place to live.

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